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Non-Profit Accounting

Non-Profit Accounting

At Orisme & Associates, we are accustomed to working with the Board of Directors and the management team of various non-profit organizations.

We partner with our clients to:

  • Prepare and analyze their financial reports
  • Assist with Grant Management
  • Manage donor restricted funds
  • Complete Budget Reviews
  • Maintain accurate accounting records
  • Audit Preparation
  • Complete informational tax form 990
Prepare and analyze their financial reports, Assist with Grant Management, Manage donor restricted funds, Complete Budget Reviews

Non-profit organizations, also known as not-for-profit organizations, are entities that operate for a charitable, religious, educational, or social purpose, rather than for the purpose of generating profits. These organizations are generally exempt from paying income taxes, but they are still required to file tax returns and maintain accurate financial records. 

For compliance purposes, non-profit organizations that receive $750,000 or more in public funds are required to complete an annual audit, we assist with the audit preparation, complete and file the form 990 informational returns to ensure the maintenance of their non-profit status. 

Maintain accurate accounting records, Audit Preparation, Complete informational tax form 990

Internal controls are generally a missing integral part of smaller non-profit organizations.  We work with our clients to establish the necessary controls including:

Segregation of Duties: Establishment of a system for checks and balances to ensure appropriate segregation of duties for improved financial management.

Information Security: Development of security protocols to protect sensitive transactional data and donor information.

Fixed Assets: Identification, Management and protection of the organizations fixed assets.

At Orisme & Associates, our goal is to ensure our non-profit accounting clients remain compliant with their organizational obligations and report GAAP compliant financial statements timely.