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Orisme & Associates provides exceptional accounting and tax services. Their team is knowledgeable, attentive, and always goes above and beyond to ensure their clients' needs are met. I appreciate their attention to detail and commitment to accuracy, which has saved me time and money. Their communication is also top-notch, keeping me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend Orisme & Associates to anyone in need of expert accounting and tax assistance.
Kenneth Theophin
I can't say enough about the service that Orisme and Associates provide for Heart 2 Heart Delivery & Moving Solutions LLC. Their team is one we can rely on for exceptional accounting services. The team always provide trustworthy service that speaks to the heart of our business goals for our Company's success. The team is responsive and readily available to respond to our requests.
Laquise Brown
Orisme & Associates has proven to be trustworthy, detail oriented, efficient, and expedient. I have experienced both their tax and accounting services, and I have been comfortable using Orisme & Associates for my business and referring Orisme & Associates to my clients
Edric M. McSween
Partner - E MSquared Enterprises, LLC
Orisme and Associates does amazing tax and accounting work. I have been a loyal customer for 5+ years now and they never disappoint. I can trust that my personal business is being taken care of all year long. Highly recommend them, especially if a business owner!
Renee Tiffany
Independent Sales Director - Mary Kay
It seems like every day we have had transactions or negotiations where the other party insisted on getting a copy of our financials - e.g., last 3 years, trailing 12 months, through the most recent quarter. We would scramble to pull together the requested material and by the time we got everything together and turned it over, we needed more. But we found the best solution possible, Orisme and Associates. So, now when we receive a request for financials, we shoot the requirements over to Orisme and Associates and like magic, we get what we need right away. We have no problem producing the latest quarter of data, trailing 12 months or the last 3 years. We found a gold mine and we are so glad we did.
David Douglas
General Counsel - The W Assisted Living, Inc

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